A personal narrative of a history trip to the rancho los cerritos in long beach california

Courtesy of the Historic American Buildings Survey Spanish colonists settled in California in the 18th century and ran large ranches on land given to them by the Spanish crown. In southern California, a Spanish soldier received a large land grant in that stretched across present-day Los Angeles and Orange counties. Constructed inthe restored Los Cerritos Ranch House is a grand example of mixed Monterey Colonial and hacienda styles of architecture applied to a traditional Spanish-Mexican colonial ranch house. Nieto, a Spaniard of African and European descent, served Spain in the years the empire pushed to colonize California, and Spain rewarded him for his work with the grant.

A personal narrative of a history trip to the rancho los cerritos in long beach california

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"Official Explorations for Pacific Railroads, " By George Leslie Albright,

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The instructions given to me August 15,by the Hon. Robert McClelland, Secretary of the Interior, direct that, "in all cases where they do not conflict with the stipulations of the treaty, or the specific directions contained in these instructions, you will be guided by the instructions issued by the Department of State, and those of this department, to the Commissioner, for running and marking the boundary line under the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

A compliance with these instructions has necessarily extended this report very much beyond the limits of the record necessary to show the official acts of the joint commission.

Fifteen thousand extra copies of this report have been ordered by Congress. It consists of two volumes, divided into four parts. The first part comprises the personal narrative; general description of the country; journal of the joint commission; the astronomical work; barometrical levels; meteorological record, and magnetic observations.

The second part consists of the geological researches, with annotations, and a review of the whole by Professor James Hall.

A personal narrative of a history trip to the rancho los cerritos in long beach california

The third part comprises the general botanical features of the country, by Dr. George Engelmann, of St. The fourth part embraces the natural history of the country, by Spencer F. Baird, based upon the notes and memoirs by the assistants, and upon the specimens themselves.

The first two parts, forming volume I, are now presented to the government; the third and fourth parts, forming volume II, are delayed in consequence of the difficulty of getting the illustrations engraved. Accompanying the first volume are five maps: If these maps were placed in the hands of department commanders, with directions to fill up the intervals not covered by actual survey, from the best information within their reach, which, from the numerous expeditions sent out under intelligent officers of the army, is very great, the government would be in possession of delineations of our whole southern frontier, more authentic in character than the maps of many of the old States.

I have confined myself in all these maps, except the general map, to actual information, derived from instrumental survey, and in doing so, have sacrificed considerable general interest which might have been given them had I incorporated all the loose information which exists XIV upon the subject; but I have considered that the time has come when hypothetical geography should cease, particularly when the graphic representation of a country is confided to the hands of officers of the United States army.

In all cases where I have used surveys other than those made under my orders, I have endeavored to give full credit to the officers by whom the labor was performed; and in cases where the work has been done under my own supervision, the name of each assistant has been given.

A personal narrative of a history trip to the rancho los cerritos in long beach california

The system of borrowing, without acknowledgment, hitherto adopted, has tended very much to obscure and distort the history of the explorations and surveys of the western portion of the American continent, and has led Baron Humboldt into grave errors, and to commit personal injustice, when, in his Aspects of Nature, he attempts to present the progress of discovery in this region.

These maps, to be signed jointly by the Mexican commissioner and myself, are to be deposited in the Department of the Interior, to form the official record of the boundary.Policyholder at the same tree with different targets Best car insurance rates with full service history, long mot volkswagen polo 75 1 Staffs are very very good in the world as the next 48 hours KW:insurance auto auctions oklahoma California in a car in europe need to do .

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Celebrating 40 Years of Preservation and Interpretation of the History of Southern California, Heritage Square is an open-air, living history museum dedicated to telling the story of the development of Los Angeles.

Heritage Square Museum is located at Homer Street, off the Arroyo Seco Parkway (/Pasadena Freeway) at Avenue 43, just.

The first Long Beach Jewish Film Festival will be held today and tomorrow, thanks to the support of the Alpert JCC and the Cal State Long Beach Jewish studies program. Jan 3 Wednesday pm, Tustin: OC for Climate Action Planning Meeting @ REI, El Camino Real Our January planning meeting will again be a joint meeting with OC Clean Power and Climate Action OC.

Due to the holidays, this meeting will be on the first Wednesday in January, rather than our normal first Tuesday. It must have taken years to recover such a long history spanned over miles and miles of country! Kimber Ingle I was just Hermosa Beach, CA Great Site Loved your site.

I found it via Stereo for the California History Day competition His individual exhibit project is on the transcontinental railroad and the impact it had on.

Rancho Los Cerritos

Sep 24,  · Hotels near City Beach; Hotels near Rancho Los Cerritos; Hotels near Johnny’s Shuttle Service; Historical Long Beach, Rancho Los Alamitos. and a beautiful place! Take the tour it is very informative!

This is one of the first estates in what is now known as california! The history, the house, the gardens, the horses, this is 5/5(79).

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