A personal opinion in favor of the chinese new year

Each new year was marked by the characteristics of one of the 12 zodiac animals: The entire attention of the household was fixed on the celebration. During this time, business life came nearly to a stop.

A personal opinion in favor of the chinese new year

The Tiger born during this month has a pure personality and a strong will.

A personal opinion in favor of the chinese new year

They could be successful in both politics and business. Insects Awaken happens on the Chinese lunar month of February.

Lunar New Year

From this time, insects begin to awaken from winter sleep by the spring thunder. The Tigers born during this month usually have amazing talent and get great success in career. The Tigers with the birth month of March are born brainy.

Whatever they do, they could achieve unexpected good result.

A personal opinion in favor of the chinese new year

During their life, they could win many honors and advance rapidly in work. The Tigers born in this month usually enjoy all riches, honors and splendor during the life. They have high positions and handsome salaries. In family, they have good wife or husband and in work, they can get help from dignitaries.

In all, they have less worry thus lead a leisurely and carefree life. The Tigers born in August are naturally clever. They are surprisingly gifted and have the greatly strengthened comprehension ability.

During their life, they usually enjoy a good reputation everywhere and are highly respected by others. The dates and months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Careers for Tiger The people under the Tiger sign are born leaders and managers. No matter in political, literature and art circles or fields of finance and economics, the Tigers are always come out on top.

You could not require them to do those works that never vary. Suitable job fields for the Tigers to show their ability include clinical medicine, catering, literature, cultural, official, judicial, police and government.2.

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Ambitious, energetic, optimistic, and dare to blaze new trails, think and act; 3. Trustworthy and never break promise; 4. Philanthropic, righteous, open and upright, and easy to be trusted by others; 5. Dignified and confident, born to be a leader; 6. Resolute, uncompromising, and never give up until achieve the goal.

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Jul 12,  · Watch video · Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. In , Chinese New Year begins on February 16 and marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog. Tied to the Chinese lunar calendar, the.

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