Argumentative essay about using animals for scientific and medical research

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Argumentative essay about using animals for scientific and medical research

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I have worked on this essay for five weeks, and weekly gotten invaluable feedback. Science Needs Animal-Testing Medical research benefits humans greatly.

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Decades of medical studies has made several diseases treatable, such as diebetis, tuberculosis, and malaria. Moreover, medical research has prevented altogether diseases such as hepatitis A and B, measles, and poliomyelitis.

Argumentative essay about using animals for scientific and medical research

Common for all these developments is animal-testing Quimby, While testing on animals is not morally ideal, we lack good alternatives. Thus, abandoning animal-testing is premature, because medical research needs complex-system test-subjects, and the absence of which can be risky for pharmaceutical consumers.

Animal testing has helped develope new medicine. Almost all research in medicine awarded with the Nobel Prize have used animal-testing Foundation for Biomedical Research, nd. One example of this is the polio-vaccine.

Later that decade, Sabin developed the oral polio-vaccine. Sabin states in a publication that, thus far, research has demanded circa human volunteers, monkeys, and chimpanzees in poliovirus-strain studies. Because of extensive polio-research, many lives have been saved.

WHO writes in fact sheet that the polio-vaccine has prevented 10 million people from paralizis and saved 1. Polio-research has clearly benefitted humans massively, which animal-testing has helped achieve. As well as having helped develop medicine, American history shows that animal- testing can reduce the risk of mass-poisoning as well.

Sulfanilamide was a drug used for streptococcal infections, existing as tablets or powder. Massen- gill Company of Bristol wanted to develop a liquid preparate, and discovered that diethylene glycol had satisfactory chemical and physical poperties.

The company did no testing of what they called "Elixir Sulfanilamide" before distri- bution. Diethylene glycol is toxic unless treated, and patients died Wax, Had the drug been tested on animals, its toxicity would be observed, and deaths prevented.

The moral questions of animal-testing, raised by animal-rights organizations, are important. Animals suffer and die in some scientific experiments, which triggers a moral response. They also claim to have found, in an undercover investigation, "[Using animals in medical research.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: (Nuffield Councils on Bioethics, ). The question of scientific justification is, obviously, fundamental to the question of moral justification.

Medical Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Medical Essays Examples of Our Work Medical Dissertation Examples. animal testing essay Animal testing can be defined as the process of using animals in experiments.

Normally the research such as biomedical researches, drug tests and toxicology tests are conducted in universities, medical schools, and pharmaceutical companies. Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments.

The California Biomedical Research Association states that nearly every medical breakthrough in the last years has resulted directly from research using animals. In Australia, all research and teaching that involves the use of animals must be according to the “Australian code of Practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.” Each animal testing must be assessed by an” institutional Animal Ethics Committee (AEC)”.

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more. You can find out the most current arguments on scientific and Reviews: Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Research Sociology Essay. Print Reference this However, using animals for scientific experiments should not be argued.

“To say of a pig or a rabbit that it has rights is to confuse categories, to apply to its world a moral category that can have content only in the human moral world” (Cohen ,p.

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