Diplomacy master thesis abstract

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Diplomacy master thesis abstract

Download Dissertation Abstract The word diplomacy is an equivalent of Chinese Waijiao, meaning interaction among different countries.

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Different diplomats, scholars gave various definitions to diplomacy, of which two main points are in common: Since the nature of diplomacy is negotiation and dialogue between nations, language inevitable plays a very important role in it. Furthermore, when heads of states or diplomats from different countries who speak different languages are interacting with each other, translation is very important to ensure the smooth process of diplomatic activities.

As a reflection of society and culture, language is socially and culturally bound. Diplomatic language, as a reflection of diplomatic activities, has the features of being formal, conservative, precise and accurate. During the last centuries, the lingua franca of diplomatic language was Latin and French.

diplomacy master thesis abstract

In the present world, however, English has become the dominant language. Diplomatic language has its own features, including those reflected in its style.

diplomacy master thesis abstract

There have been quite a few translators and translation theorists who lay emphasis on preserving the style of the source language text when rendering it into another language. In this thesis, the author attempts to employ the theory of stylistics to analyze diplomatic language and deal with the translation of diplomatic language.

It is suggested that the principles applied to diplomatic translation are: This thesis consists of six chapters.

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Chapter One illustrates the definition of diplomacy and the features of diplomatic activities. Chapter Two focuses on the development of diplomatic language and the features that are closely related to diplomatic activities.

The third chapter, based onthe theory of stylistics, conducts stylistic analysis of diplomatic language and reveals the stylistic features of diplomatic language: Chapter Four deals with the principles for diplomatic translation: It is also suggested that the main strategy for diplomatic translation is literal translation.

Chapter Five covers the trend and changes in diplomatic language under the influence of social and cultural development. The thesis ends with Chapter Six, which is a conclusion drawn from the previous chapters.Sep 25,  · Buy Diplomacy Game about thesis statement examples world war 1 Optimizing in a study of game diplomacy buy swedish children magnusson, magnusson, stattin, allen, stattin magnusson.

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Disaster diplomacy investigates how and why disaster-related activities do and do not induce cooperation amongst enemies. Inclusion to Exclusion: Women in Syria Catherine Moore, Tarsila Talarico ∗ Catherine Moore is Coordinator for International Law Programs and Lecturer, Center for International and Comparative Law, University of Baltimore School of Law; LL.M, University of Virginia; Master 1 in Droit International et Européen, Université de Paris Nanterre Ouest La Défense; LL.B with Maîtrise in English.

What are important skills for PhD students (or candidates) to facilitate their success in research? The focus of this thesis is an examination of aspects of the cultural diplomacy of three countries – Canada, New Zealand and India – in order to examine three aspects of the current practice of cultural diplomacy that have been overlooked, and which warrant an in-depth, comparative, examination.

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