Essays on western civilization

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Essays on western civilization

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Modern and Renaissance Essay Sample Introduction Literature and religion have overlaid each other during the ancient and medieval ages.

Literature had become the main channel for promoting and imbibing religion through poetry, parables and myths.

Essays on western civilization

The Bible, Koran as well as the Essays on western civilization are canonical religious scriptures that laid down the tenets of their respective religions. In the recent centuries which marked the Renaissance and Modern eras, literature had also become the principal medium for the movement against the spiritual predilection of mankind.

With the rising empiricism and sense of scientific explanation in practically all domains of human knowledge, literature had also partaken in the shift towards realism, naturalism and secularism.

The following famed literary works revealed the new trend in western civilization that breaks away from the religious and spiritual proclivity to more secular autonomous and humanistic centered cultural ideals. Candide by Voltaire Candide is a French satirical novel that is basically about the unfortunate adventures of Candide in pursuit of his love life, Cunegonde.

In the course of narrating these different tales, Voltaire obliquely raises the existence of evil that seemed to beset man in practically all domains in life including those which are considered honorable and noble i. Paquette depicted the sorry life of a typical indigent starting from being a chambermaid and ending up to become a prostitute.

Voltaire did not sensationalize events but prudently accentuated on the events in the story that ridicule philosophers, religious people and political leaders. Queenan, Apparently, such horrible disasters should not have happened if optimism was true.

Essays on western civilization

On the other hand, the rather poignant and distressing condition of mankind who seemed a victim of adverse circumstances was encapsulated in the explanation of the Dervish who described man like mice on a ship sent by a king to Egypt, who is indifferent about their well being or comfort.

On account of the existence of good and evil, Voltaire seemed to suggest that God is an absentee landlord and introduced the amorality in life. Ramm, There is no good or evil. Circumstances may seem brutal but are in a sense indifferent to the evil or good concerns of mankind.

Voltaire suggested that there is no invisible hand that sets the life of people into one commendable plan. Instead, man himself determines its own destiny and therefore must cultivate his own life to be productive or to be meaningful.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Frankenstein is a story about the monstrous being created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who despite trying to be kind was alienated and socially cast away by society.

Religious Influence in Western Civilization | Essay Example

That creature ironically turned up living to the horror expected of him by murdering people, which he actually did as a passionate revenge for getting hurt. Without proper education, the monster is able to acquire a sense of goodness by social observation or by instinct.

Tudor, It also cultivated the idea that moral and spiritual development can be achieved by detaching oneself from the inflexible religious doctrines or the abolishing the notion of a supreme being to reach self-realization as a human person. Incidentally, Machiavelli attributes the stability of the state as the greatest good, which reflected socialist and fascist ideologies.

Machiavelli practically provided a tutorial regarding the dictatorship. WrenThe Prince examines the acquisition of power and its effective use for its expansion and perpetuation.

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This political discussion reflected absolute absence of any religious moral doctrines but accentuates secular or worldly objectives and proposes practical methods devoid of any moral hesitations. Among the principles and recommendations made by Machiavelli is the need to rule by force instead of ruling by law in governing and maintaining states.

Central to maintaining power is military might both for defense and potential offense to avoid threats of sieges and rebellions. The leader must maintain a good reputation by exhibiting mercy, humanness or religiosity but does not necessarily be the same but only seem to have such qualities.Civilization and Its Discontents – In this essay, Freud contends that mankind’s dissatisfied, hostile, and violent nature results from the conflict of his sexual needs and the mores established by .

Western Civilization. Western civilization is deeply connected to Mediterranean and European roots and again to the previous Western Roman Empire as well as the Medieval Western Christendom who came out of feudalism to encounter such transformative episodes in history such as those of reformation, renaissance, the industrial revolution, the enlightenment and the establishment of liberal.

Western Civilization from to had many specific changes that contributed to the structure of the western world before World War I. In the absolutism state sovereignty is embodied in the person of the ruler.

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Words: Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Black Death and its impact on Western Civilization Black Death and Religion The Black Death adversely impacted the reputation of the Catholic Church since its own adherents (including clergy) were ill and dying and the Church proved impotent to cure them.

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