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Gsce essays

Gsce essays

Chemistry Before reaching the point of being isotonic, a cell may be either turgid, flaccid or plasmolysed cell. After considering all the relevant factors that affect the rate of osmosis such as temperature, permeability, surface area and concentration, I have selected the topic that I will be exploring and Gsce essays which is how the concentration of the solution can affect the rate of osmosis within a certain volume of a cylindrical piece of potato.

We will write a custom essay sample on Gsce or any similar topic specifically Gsce essays you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER I hypothesise that the concentration of the solution can affect the rate of osmosis which can be measured by testing under a period of time if the potato expanded and gained mass or contracted and lost mass as well as remain in the same condition.

Gsce essays

I also believe that the lower the concentration of the salt in the solution, the lower the rate of osmosis. The following bullet points are a summary of my expectations: If the concentration of the solution is higher than that of the potato, the water will move from its surrounding solution into the potato.

After 24 hours, I will pour out the concentrated solution and use tweezers to remove the pieces of potato and will drying them lightly with paper towel. Afterwards, I would record the mass and describe the appearance of the cell by using iodine as well as state the change that have occurred due to osmosis and the different concentrated solution.

The following bullet points is the apparatus is needed for experimentation: Using the marking tape, label the 9 petri dishes with the following solutions 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and Use the graduated cylinder and measure 50 millilitres of the various solution, each petri tray receiving a separate solution.

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Obtain 28 potato pieces using the potato borer and cut them equally by using a ruler and scalpel to a measurement of 3. All of the potato cores have to be the same length in order to have an equal mass.

Separate the potato pieces into 9 groups 3 per group and dry them gently with a paper towel. Using the electronic balance weigh each group and record the data in a table. The table should include a detailed title, the type of solution and the concentration as well as the mass of the potato.

Use the pipette to obtain some iodine, place three drops on the controlled sample and view the cell structure under the microscope then record observation. Place the potato pieces in the appropriate petri dish and place them at the back of the science lab on a try labelled with your name.

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Firstly, pour the liquid out of the petri dish and remove potato pieces with tweezers then gently dry with paper towel. Place three drops of iodine on each potato piece and describe the cell structure by view the potato piece under a microscope.

Label each potato piece in each group A, B and C to correspond with the numbers of the group. Also the chemical will not be open when not in use. To prevent this risk, the correct laboratory clothing will be worn and indigestion will not occur because it will be covered and supervised when not in use.

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