How to write a salary review letter

British recommendation letters this week. European tenure letters were the bane of my existence.

How to write a salary review letter

General Purpose of the Letter In the opening paragraph, say that you have enjoyed working with the company and include your job title and length of employment.

Then say you are writing to request a salary increase. Briefly touch on why you are making the request. In the past year, the work environment has gotten much more demanding. I have consistently taken on new assignments and performed them above expectations.

Reason for the Request State the reason for your request in the body paragraph. Your boss promised you a raise at the end of your probationary period, your responsibilities have increased or you received a promotion. Less common, but still important reasons include: An increase in the cost of living where your job is located, you have not had a raise in a long time, your salary is below the average market value or your qualifications have improved.

how to write a salary review letter

Depending on the situation, give your boss a chance to fulfill her promise to provide an increase before writing the letter.

For example, after your probationary period, write the letter only if your boss fails to give you the promised raise within the specified time frame. When I began in this position, I was told that I would receive a raise at the end of my probationary period.

I was given an excellent review, and I would appreciate the increase that was promised to me. Justification for the Request The body paragraph should clearly express why you are worthy of the raise. If you took on more work, summarize your accomplishments.

You might use bullet points to highlight them and include figures when possible. Keep your sentences straightforward and concise. Example for when you are asking for an increase based on your work: Example for when you earn less than the market value for your position: Instead, present the results of your research and tailor your request accordingly.

Requested Amount In another paragraph, write the specific amount you are requesting. Apply tact to avoid sounding demanding. Please consider my request for a 5 percent increase. I believe that amount will bring my current salary up to the industry average for my position.

Open to Negotiation You want the result to be a win-win situation. Therefore, state your willingness to negotiate if the company cannot afford to pay you the requested amount.

how to write a salary review letter

For example, your boss agrees you deserve a raise but says that the company cannot pay it right now. In this case, ask for a time frame, and then wait it out. I understand that the business has experienced some challenges as of late.

Accordingly, I would like to revisit this issue at the beginning of next quarter.Show Your Appreciation. As with many types of business correspondence, it helps to start off on a high note.

At the start of the letter, thank your employer for the opportunities she's given you. The wonderful Shit Academic Say (@AcademicsSay) retweeted a hilarious parody of American vs.

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Salary Increase Letter: Requesting an Annual Review Dear [Manager Name], I would like to express my delight of being part of this wonderful team.

I never felt more professionally dedicated in my life than I .

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