Leerstijlen van kolb thesis

Kolbje Kolbje aan de wand, welke leerstijl past bij Ann? Ik weet dat het te laat is, maar ik kan het gewoon niet laten: Dus heb ik op internet een testje gezocht www.

Leerstijlen van kolb thesis

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Back to SchoolAcademicsInternationalHumanitiesScienceResearchGraduate School Undergraduates aren't the only new students arriving on campus for the start of the academic year. With prestigious degrees already in hand, a new group of graduate students comes to Emory ready to contribute new knowledge to a variety of pressing issues, from the impact of HIV on poor communities to how the brain adapts to chronic stress.

This fall, Emory's Laney Graduate School welcomes new students, representing 37 countries. The vast majority, 83 percent, are pursuing doctoral degrees, and many are drawn by the university's reputation for interdisciplinary, collaborative scholarship.

Leerstijlen van kolb thesis Haynes, who plans to complete his PhD in neuroscience at Laney Graduate School and an MD at Georgetown University School of Medicine, cites similar reasons for coming to Emory to study chronic stress and the neural circuits implicated in psychiatric disorders.

Laney Graduate School Dean Lisa Tedesco praises the new cohort of graduate students for choosing "to dedicate themselves to rigorous study, research and discovery. Haylee Christine Harrell Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah Emory degree program: PhD in women's, gender and sexuality studies Completed degrees: I am interested in exploring how to use theater as a platform for speaking verbally and nonverbally about multi-ethnic bodies and sexuality.

In my exploration I am interested in a redefining of the stage and consequently stage plays as something that can be witnessed on a street corner by any passing spectator.

Early in my undergraduate career, playwriting became my own personal platform for speaking out about ethnicity and sexuality in a state where certain issues can be, and usually are, suppressed. Beyond my own personal connection with the topic, I feel as though it is important to Leerstijlen van kolb thesis a creative form such as playwriting to a general population — allowing them to use verbal and nonverbal communication to bring characters, resembling themselves or others, alive.

Proudest academic achievement to date: For my honors thesis I was able to write, direct and act in a monologue and two one-act plays that depicted the changing views of my own ethnic identity and status as a first-generation student over my three years at the University of Utah.

The performance of my thesis also led to me being nominated, and later chosen, as the undergraduate speaker at the College of Humanities Convocation. Sherod Haynes Emory degree program: PhD in biological and biomedical sciences — neuroscience Completed degrees: I am interested in exploring the neural circuits implicated in psychiatric disorders.

More specifically, I wish to focus on how various brain regions that regulate motivation, emotions and executive decision-making are affected by chronic stress. Using animal models of chronic stress, I want to classify the types of adaptations they undergo, thereby yielding insight into hallmark dysfunctional behaviors that typify diseases like depression, PTSD and schizophrenia.

As a medical student at Georgetown, on my psychiatry rotation, I encountered many patients with severe illness for which medication had simply failed.

Leerstijlen van kolb thesis

This experience instilled in me the deep desire to better understand these illnesses in order to develop novel therapies that precisely target the problem and yield better outcomes.

With such rapid advancements in neuroscience, now more than ever before, scientists are capable of truly targeting maladaptive behaviors such as addiction, phobias and depression and pinpointing the specific neurons that are implicated.

I am drawn to this extraordinary challenge. Surprisingly, my biggest academic achievement has little to do with neuroscience or medicine whatsoever.

In addition to an interest in the inner workings of the brain, I have an undying passion for dance. I have been most proud of the academic fellowships and grants I was awarded to perform and teach dance all over the world.

Regardless, it is something I hope to continue and eventually plan to merge the two at some point in my career. Albuquerque, New Mexico Emory degree program: PhD in English Completed degrees: I am especially interested in how various writers have represented disability in 19th and 20th century American literature, and how this intersects with larger political contexts of inclusion.

I am also interested in the medicalization of disability, in terms of the language we use to describe the body and its conditions. I am deaf myself, and that has informed my perspectives on the importance of exploring disability in relationship to individual experiences and larger social attitudes.

Narrative has a powerful impact on how we classify groups of people. Being critical about narrative helps us deconstruct the historical and ideological contexts that have shaped our understanding of the human experience. I am most proud of being able to spend the last two years studying overseas at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship.

During my time in the United Kingdom, I wrote a master's thesis about how disabled characters in the novels of William Faulkner and Carson McCullers defy normative expectations for linguistic self-expression.

Kubiak II Emory degree program: PhD in chemistry Completed degrees: As a graduate student, I will be performing novel research in the area of carbon-hydrogen functionalization. C-H functionalization bypasses the need for complex functional groups — which are required in traditional organic synthesis — saving time, money and reducing the waste associated with synthesis.

I like C-H functionalization because this area is new, relevant and rapidly changing the way we think about the logic of organic synthesis. As a researcher within the CCHF there is unlimited potential to collaborate with many of the leading experts in a wide range of chemical disciplines both in the United States and abroad.

My time at SOCM both inspired me and gave me the confidence to explore my curiosities about the surrounding world through scientific endeavor.PhD & Masters thesis thesis of writing acknowledgements A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's essay questions for the scarlet letter research and.

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