Psychoanalytical study of a streetcar named

Thus, Blanche is a weak, widowed, passive, vulnerable female who is eventually defeated, while Stanley is a strong, married, active, aggressive male who is ultimately triumphant. Many of the traits listed above can be seen operating together, for instance, in the moments right before Stanley takes Blanche off to rape her: So you want some rough-house?

Psychoanalytical study of a streetcar named

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With her arrival she reveals that she has lost their ancestral home of Belle-Reve after the death of the remaining part of her family. She has also been given leave from her teaching position in Laurel due to her being promiscuous with students, which is revealed later in the play and does not know when she will be returning to Laurel.

In rebuttal Stanley goes on to reveal to Mitch why Blanche has come to New Orleans and of her inappropriate sexual behavior in Laurel. The rape is quite significant for the reason being that even after Blanche swears to her sister that it happened because of her dependence on Stanley, Stella refuses to believe Blanche.

Leading to Blanche loses her mind, and the play ends with her leaving to an insane asylum, leaving behind her skeptical sister behind with her new baby and her immoral husband. This dependence on men is what promotes abuse of women both verbally and physically misogyny.

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A great example from A StreetCar Named Desire is when Stanley beats Stella and she forgives him because she has no where else to turn and believes it is "normal" for a man to once in while put his hands on his wife.

Though neither Blanche nor Stella show strong feministic characteristics they are both victims of the sharp claws of misogyny. The women in the play Blanche and Stella choose to fall back on men and depend on them to help them economically but also emotionally and sexually.

When Blanche feels insecure shes turns to younger men to again make her feel of value. His father was a shoe salesman who was rarely home, a heavy drinker, and abusive man who was unhappy with his marriage and his son. Rose was mentally ill and diagnosed with schizophrenia and institutionalized.

The women were not the dominant ones in their relationships and in fact had no control. This aspect of his female characters presented the lack of equality between men and women.Streetcar Named Desire Essay: Themes in A Streetcar Named Desire Words | 5 Pages.

Themes in A Streetcar Named Desire A Streetcar Named Desire is a pessimistic work that is the “culmination of a view of life in which evil, or at least undiminished insensitivity, conquers throughout no matter what the protagonistic forces do”(Szeliski 69). Summary: An analysis of some of the many symbols found in "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams, with the help of psychoanalytical theory.

Williams' expert use of these symbols helped him to convey the meaning of many characteristics of the protagonists in the play. A Streetcar Named Desire has been the subject of a number of adaptations into other media, such as film, opera, and dramatic parody, which have a complex and sometimes vexed relationship with the play.

Psychoanalytical study of a streetcar named

Three essays here examine adaptations of Williams’s work. Psychoanalytical Study of "A Streetcar Named Desire" Words Jun 29th, 7 Pages Summary: An analysis of some of the many symbols found in "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams, with the help of psychoanalytical theory.

Creating Connections to Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire by Maureen T. Becker Introduction.

Psychoanalytical study of a streetcar named

When I first read A Streetcar Named Desire as a senior in high school, there were so many elements that were beyond my understanding as a young reader; the part that I found most perplexing was the ending, with Stella sending Blanche away to a mental institution.

This paper explores that complex sibling relationship and Williams's attempt to both give voice to and resolve his conflicts over Rose through the writing of A Streetcar Named Desire.

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