Taco bell business plans

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Taco bell business plans

The vote was with Commissioner Douglas Brown dissenting. The plan includes the construction of a 2,square-foot fast food restaurant with a drive-thru in the front of the property. A two-story, 9,square-foot commercial retail building would also be built in the rear of the property.

The resolution also contained provisions for an accompanying parking area, stormwater facilities and landscaping. The resolution provided one waiver for township requirements that pipes have a minimum diameter of 15 inches and allowed piping of 12 inches for a swale on the south side of the restaurant and the under drain of the basin.

The Taco Bell plan, that has been discussed and before commissioners dating back to last year, is being developed by Macungie Investors LLC.

taco bell business plans

The company had to bring public water infrastructure to the site, although a sewer infrastructure was already in place. Other News The commissioners also gave preliminary plan approval for the Millbrook Farms Section 6 subdivision. The vote was againthis time with Commissioner Brian Higgins voting against it.

The applicant, Tuskes Homes, plans to develop a 21 acre tract of land at the southwestern corner of the intersection of Sauerkraut Lane and Indian Creek Road.

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The project consists of 46 total lots with associated private roadways and stormwater management facilities, in addition to open space and recreational areas. The vote was unanimous.

The zone is located around the intersection of Lower Macungie and Brookside roads.

The purpose of the district "is to recognize the special characteristics of the village of East Texas," according to township documents. The zone will allow for neighborhood residential and limited retail, commercial and mixed uses.

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The zone intends to "serve the residents of the East Texas Village and the needs of Lower Macungie Township, while at the same time enhancing the identity and unique qualities of the neighborhood.Taco Bell recently announced its plans to grow as a system to approximately 9, restaurants globally in the next five years, opening the door of opportunity for , new jobs in the U.S.

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taco bell business plans

La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill mexican restaurant business plan market analysis summary. La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill is a franchise restaurant chain, opening its first storefront in this state.

Menu items emphasize fresh ingredients. Learn about company information for Taco Bell. From our foundation and grant programs to Taco Bells around the world.

The Taco Bell Foundation is committed to empowering youth to reach their full potential though a high school diploma and beyond. Learn More. RELATED LINKS. Feed the Beat. Get ready to rock & roll with of the nation's hottest up-and-coming bands. Learn More. Yum! Brands. With plans to meet its $10 million goal three years early, the Taco Bell Foundation is more than doubling its commitment and opening the Live Más Scholarship application for a fourth year. The brand was once called Taco Hell and known for cheap food with poor quality. But Taco Bell has become a social-media sensation in recent years. Customers, many in high school and college.

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