The cricket match

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The cricket match

Afghanistan 14 June In the mid s, the ICC evaluated proposals for dividing Test cricket into two tierswith promotion and relegation between Tier-1 and Tier These proposals were supported by some national cricket govening bodies, [14] [15] but opposed by others. Playing time cricket A standard day of Test cricket consists of three sessions of two hours each, the breaks between sessions being 40 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for tea.

However the times of sessions and intervals may be altered in certain circumstances: However, in the early days of Test cricket, matches were played for three or four days. Four-day Test matches were last played inbetween The cricket match Zealand and Pakistan. InAustralia played a match scheduled for six days against a World XI, which the ICC sanctioned as an official Test match, though the match reached a conclusion on the fourth day.

In each innings, one team bats and the other bowls or fields. Ordinarily four innings are played in a Test match, and each team bats twice and bowls twice.

Before the start of play on the first day, the two team captains and the match referee toss a coin ; the captain who wins the toss decides whether his team will bat or bowl first. In the following scenarios, the team that bats first is referred to as Team A and their opponents as Team B.

Usually the teams will alternate at the completion of each innings. The winning team is the one that scores more runs in their two innings. This typically occurs when a team has lost ten wickets ten of the eleven batsmen having been dismissed and are "bowled out".

It may occasionally occur with the loss of fewer wickets if one or more batsmen are unavailable to bat through injury, for example. A declaration before the innings starts is called an innings forfeiture.

The team batting fourth score the required number of runs to win.

The cricket match

The prescribed time for the match expires. This is called enforcing the follow on. Team A will bat in the fourth innings.

It is rare for a team forced to follow on to win the match. In Test cricket it has only happened three times, although over follow-ons have been enforced: Australia was the losing team on each occasion, twice to England, in and inand once to India in During the 2nd Test between England and New Zealand at Headingley inEngland batted first after the first day was lost because of rain.

This is similar to four-day first-class cricket, where the follow on can be enforced if the difference is runs or fewer. If the Test is 2 days or fewer then the "follow-on" value is runs. After 80 overs, the captain of the bowling side may take a new ballalthough this is not required.

The roughened, softer surface of an old ball can be more conducive to spin bowlers, or those using reverse swing. The captain may delay the decision to take the new ball if he wishes to continue with his spinners because the pitch favours spin.

After a new ball has been taken, should an innings last a further 80 overs, then the captain will have the option to take another new ball. A Test match may end in one of six results: All four innings are complete.

The team that batted third are the winners by a margin equal to the difference in the aggregate runs scored by the two teams for example, "Team A won by 95 runs".

Very rarely in over 2, Test matches played, it has only happened twice the scores can end level, resulting in a tie.

The match ends, and the team batting fourth is the winner by a margin equal to the number of wickets still to fall in the innings for example, "Team B won by five wickets". The third innings concludes with the team that batted twice still trailing the team that batted once.

The match ends without playing a fourth innings. The team that batted only once is the winner by a margin equal to "an innings" plus the difference in aggregate run totals of the teams for example, "Team B won by an innings and 26 runs". Time for the match expires without a result being reached.

This usually occurs at the end of the last day of the match. The result is a draw: Rain causing a loss of playing time is a common factor in drawn matches, although matches may be drawn even without interference from the weather: The match is abandoned because the ground is declared unfit for play.

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