The impact of the panama canal to the realization of america as a global power

Every day is an eventful day at Port Manatee in southwest Florida. As the closest U. Steel and cement are imported here as well, while outgoing cargo ships carry everything from power generation units to used cars.

The impact of the panama canal to the realization of america as a global power

By David Gosset Initiated by China, the "One Belt, One Road" strategy will gradually reshape the Eurasian continent, but within this grand vision of a "New Silk Road", it is the construction of the Kra Canal in the south of Thailand which could have the greatest impact.

No official announcement has been made on the realization of this gigantic infrastructure project, but some analysts and some business forces are rightly expressing support for a waterway which would connect the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand at the latitude of the Kra Isthmus, the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula in southern Thailand.

Impacting the geopolitical dynamics of Southeast Asia, an artificial channel connecting the Indian Ocean and the Far East would not have to be detrimental to the core interests of Singapore whose location by the Strait of Malacca has been an element of her success.

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In the context of rapidly growing economic exchanges between Asia, western Eurasia and Africa, the Kra Canal would not be a substitute for the Strait of Malacca but a necessary complement. One fourth of internationally traded goods crossing the Strait of Malacca have congested the stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra, and while China is on the way to become the world's largest economy the opening of another trading conduit closer to continental Southeast Asia is the answer to an objective need.

Singapore's 50 years of history as a sovereign city-state show an extraordinary capacity to adjust and compete which goes beyond an advantageous geographic location, the 5,5 million inhabitants of the Lion City would certainly find the resources to overcome what has to be seen as a challenge but not as an antagonistic policy designed by aggressive foreign countries.

In the long term, the flourishing economy of Thailand would not hurt any member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN but the prosperity of 67 million Thai people would enrich an increasingly important grouping. By shortening the distance between the Indian Ocean and the Far East by more than kilometers the Kra Canal would benefit international business but it would also create new opportunities for the countries located close to the new route.

Milestones: 1899–1913

In the shaping of a general diplomatic environment favorable to the realization of the artificial waterway, the options offered to Myanmar and Vietnam should be studied and emphasized. In the Kingdom of Bhumibol Adulyadej, it is not a surprise to observe that some are not yet fully convinced by the idea of the Kra Canal.

One can not expect a complex project to generate unanimity in a society known for her recurrent internal quarreling, but a good strategy can certainly win the support of a large majority concerned by the future of a nation.

The impact of the panama canal to the realization of america as a global power

A reflection on the benefits that the Suez Canal brought to Egypt can help the Thai people to better anticipate how their watercourse could boost the economy of the Kingdom. With special economic zones integrated both in the south and in the north of the canal, Thailand could enter one of the most prosperous periods of her long history.

Even if incidents caused by the ethnic and religious insurgency in the Patani Region in the three southernmost provinces of the Kingdom do not prevent 3 million tourists every year to enjoy Phuket which is also located in the south of the country, some observers still argue that it would be too risky to invest in a massive project in a zone where tensions might erupt.

But was Egypt a model of stability under Ismail the Magnificent ? The largest public engineering work of the 19th century has been realized with the knowledge of significant risks, and, over the years, the km long Suez Canal positively modified the map of global trade and largely benefited the Egyptian nation.

When they remark that if it were a good idea the Kra Canal would have been already built the opponents to the waterway affect to ignore that new factors have created an unprecedented situation: In close cooperation with Thailand, the country which has built years ago the km long Grand Canal, has obviously a key role to play in the realization of a new trade nexus but it would be in the interest of both countries to remain open to other sources of investment and expertise.

Two centuries later, the father of the Suez Canal himself, French diplomat and entrepreneur Ferdinand de Lesseps, visited the Rattanakosin Kingdom and expressed his support for the project.

Too preoccupied by the problems he encountered with the Suez Canal Ferdinand de Lesseps was never able to really focus on a new Asian enterprise and, more importantly, Chulalongkorn, Rama Vwho had to neutralize the French ambitions in Indochina by using the British Empire in order to maintain the independence of his country, could not antagonize the British by challenging their interests in Singapore, the outpost that Thomas Stamford Raffles had created seven decades earlier.

An inclusive enterprise, the long-term success of the Kra Canal will be also largely determined by the governance of its operations, and, in that matter, Bangkok can certainly find inspirations from existing practices - the Suez Canal Authority SCA or the Panama Canal Authority - but it should also be ready to create a unique governing structure which would take into account contemporary local, regional and international dynamics.

Misconceptions about the nature of China's re-emergence have produced the "China Threat" discourse, and those who actively cultivate this narrative or simply believe it, will wrongly interpret Beijing's involvement in the Kra Canal as a threatening projection of Chinese power.

One can expect that the U.

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Following open debates and convincing explanations on the collective benefits of the Kra Canal, the U. When it opened in the Suez Canal illustrated the 19th century European colonial projection, in the following century, the Panama Canal coincided with the rise of the American power but one had to wait the Torrijos-Carter Treaties in to see the formal end of U.

He has established the New Silk Road Initiative.The Panama Canal expansion, on target to be completed by , has certainly put Panama and Central America back on the map.

Investor interest in the region will likely surge — the Canal is expected to bring swarms of post-Panamax-size vessels through the region. This expected increase in large. The Impact of Climate Change on the Panama Canal and its Viability as a Global Shipping Route.

Since its completion in , the canal has been one of the most important international waterways, handling approximately five percent of world trade. The Panama Canal, completed in , did a similar thing in the western hemisphere, cutting a swath through Central America that encouraged trade and transportation between .

The Republic of Panama is located in the Western Hemisphere and borders to the North with the Caribbean Sea, to the South with the Pacific Ocean, to the East with Colombia and to the West with Costa Rica, Panama, forms a link between Central America and an .

Building the Panama Canal, – President Theodore Roosevelt oversaw the realization of a long-term United States goal—a trans-isthmian canal.

Throughout the s, American and British leaders and businessmen wanted to ship goods quickly and cheaply between the . year through the Panama Canal, the isthmus nation’s country, and one of the largest in Central America, Penonomé represents an up-and-coming market in need of IFC’s support and funding.3 government of Panama to the realization of wind power in Panama.”.

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